Restroom Sanitizing

Pure Shine Master Cleaning follows an excellent method for restroom sanitizing. We use eco-friendly and safe products for a thorough cleanup. If you want to keep your residential or commercial bathroom clean and tidy, then let us help you. 

We assure you that you will be satisfied and happy with our service standard and the attention we put on for detailed cleaning.

Why hire us for a restroom cleaning service?

A dirty bathroom can be a source of harmful bacteria and viruses that can impact users’ health differently. Since we are into this business, our team will carry suitable tools, machines, and products to sanitize the restroom and disinfect them thoroughly. So, if you want the best, we are available at your service.

Benefits of contracting us for restroom sanitization:

  • Reduction of infection from bacteria and virus by 99% 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in the bathroom
  • Overcome unpleasant odors
  • Witness pristine and clean facilities
  • Reduction in staff absenteeism

If you need clean restrooms, then let the professionals work!

4 Steps We Follow For Restroom Sanitizing:

Regular visit – The cleaners team will visit at intervals according to the need for basic and deep cleaning. We prevent any accumulation by cleaning up regularly.

Deep cleaning – Whether it is the sink, faucets, commode, urinal, or floor treated with a suitable disinfection solution. It is necessary to remove the soil and germs buildup.

Rinse with fresh water – Once the cleaning is complete, we use fresh water to remove the dirt to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Drying up – Lastly, the fixtures are dried up using a towel to prepare the restroom for immediate use.

For guaranteed results, hire Pure Shine Master Cleaning whether you are looking for commercial restroom cleaning, residential restroom cleaning, office cleaning, toilet bowl cleaning, toilet urinals cleaning. Our team will equip the best cleaning tools.